We have double passes to The Black Prince to giveaway. The film will be in theatres on Friday, 21 July.

To enter, email editorial@queenslandmagazines.com.au with ‘THE BLACK PRINCE’ as the subject line and your name and address as the text.

Prizes will be drawn on Tuesday, 18 July.

The Black Prince is based on a true story of Maharajah Duleep Singh, the boy King of Punjab before it was annexed by the British Empire in the mid-19th century. He was torn from his throne, separated from his mother, and sent to be raised in England at the age of 15. Now a young man haunted by broken memories of his early past, he leaves his lavish lifestyle in Britain, seeking out his long-lost mother to answer his burning questions.

Duleep makes a daring journey of self-discovery in order to reclaim his identity, his faith, and the Kingdom that is rightfully his. Reconverting back to Sikhism leaves him spiritually free, but in the end, he is unable to defeat the mighty British Empire. His struggle inspired Sikhs to continue the fight for freedom until India regained its independence from British Imperialism in 1947 and the Sikh Kingdom was divided into India and Pakistan. In cinemas July 21.