We have two double passes to give away to BEMAC’s next World Music Café featuring Melbourne’s gypsy-folk trio Vardos and Brisbane’s electric group MZAZA. The concert will take place on Friday, 4 August.

To enter, email editorial@queenslandmagazines.com.au with ‘MZAZA & VARDOS’ as the subject line and your name and address as the text.

Prizes will be drawn on Monday, 31 July. 

Driven by Alana’s wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, Vardos plays gypsy and traditional music learnt from Roma (Gypsy) musicians during their travels in Eastern Europe. It has been serenading audiences around the world since late last century.

Driven by her French and Spanish Sephardic roots, MZAZA’s front woman Pauline Maudy sings in French, Spanish, Ladino, English and Turkish.

She is an enchanting stage leader who delivers powerful and inspired performances.

The impressive musicianship of Mzaza – deftly realised with accordion, violin, percussion, double bass and Flamenco guitar – embraces diversity, the old and the new, the familiar and the foreign, through timeless melodies. It is the timelessness of the music and story that fuels an intense live show, an unforgettable musical journey,