Epic Good is a philanthropic organisation based in West End which aims to do just that: an epic amount of good.

The brain child of husband and wife team Stuart Giles and Cathie Reid, Epic Good works with a diverse portfolio of charities across the nation. Stuart says founding the organisation was the natural next step in the pair’s journey, having already established successful ventures in medicine and health management. With backgrounds in pharmacy, Stuart and Cathie have both worked extensively across the healthcare sector, and wanted to build on their business success to support other organisations providing health and education initiatives to Australians.

“We felt there was a need for a healthcare community, and within that, businesses with a conscience attached,” Stuart said. “We also wanted to do something to satisfy the giving component of our personalities, that I think you have to have to work in healthcare.” In 2014, Stuart and Cathie rebranded and restructured their business, bringing all of the separate pieces together under the Epic umbrella. They used this opportunity to shape the social and community values of the company. From this, in May 2015, Epic Good was born. “Over the forming of the business, we organically found that our work collided with certain organisations and causes,” Stuart said.

Epic Good has been involved with AEIOU, one of the country’s largest providers of support and help for children with autism; assisted with the development of the Hawthorn Indigenous Program, which harnesses the passion of young people in remote communities for AFL, and uses this as a vehicle to provide support, mentorships and opportunities for Australia’s Indigenous communities; helped ManUp, a community based support organisation for men affected by prostate cancer, that also encourages men to be more proactive about their health. Epic Good also has been actively involved with a host of other charitable organisations and events across the country.

Health and education are the common link in all of their work, the cornerstone of the Epic Good philosophy. “We can’t do everything, so we always ask, does this have a health and education overlay, and will this help develop vibrant communities.” They aim to be active, rather than passive contributors to these initiatives, going “beyond writing a cheque”.

Originally from Melbourne, Stuart and Cathie travelled Australia extensively with their work. By the late 1990s, they found themselves preferring to spend time in Brisbane, and looking for reasons to visit the Sunshine State. They now live in Brisbane, and work from the Epic base in West End. “West End always presented as a place with a strong community identity, and that environment was suited to the dynamic of a healthcare business,” Stuart said.

The Epic journey is only just beginning for this vibrant, caring, full-of-heart organisation. With several ongoing ventures, and some exciting projects planned for this year, the team are certain to be kept busy. West Enders should be humbled that their neighbourhood is home to this great organisation. To find out how you can get involved with the Epic Good movement, visit www.epicgood.com.au.

Words by Gemma Easton | Images supplied