An exciting opportunity for Nostimo Chef in Residence David Tsirekas is taking him to Greece this year where he will be creating a full dinner menu all in the name of Australian representation and the evolution of Greek food.

Since Nostimo’s launch in June last year, David and his team have created, refined and served up modern Greek food, celebrating traditional Greek flavours with sophisticated execution, directly reflecting David’s signature style of using traditional knowledge with creative flair. In a thrilling addition to his already shining successes, David has been invited by the Ambassador of Australia in Greece, Kate Logan to assist in promoting Australians to Greeks nationally.

The theme of the dinner revolves around the history of Greeks in Australia and how they molded, sizzled and grilled the hospitality industry from the first ever café restaurant in 1878 into today’s array of delightful and delicious Greek spots locals know and love. The dinner also highlights the Greeks as among the first ethnic group to really influence food flavours and service all over the country, how they revolutionised dining and introduced the milk bar concepts in Australia before going on to play a major role in the hospitality industry.

Food and stories come hand in hand universally, so David is promoting Australia with both. Stories of innovative Australian Greeks such as Arthur Comino who introduced the first Oyster Saloon and opened up a chain of them over rural NSW and Queensland is just one of those stories. While the Greeks expanded and opened up Australian society to a new world, they also improved the communities already established by often donating a week’s wage to hospitals to have them built in the country towns.

With David’s famed traditional Greek Dishes and new creations, he will be introducing Greeks to their significant history in Australia and simultaneously adding to the long list of success stories about how Greeks through the ages have fed the souls, stomachs, and spirituality of people through their innate need to feed them. “Just like my mum,” said David.

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