Jason Dunne (aka LJay), one of only a few openly gay DJs in Brisbane. he is deservedly proud of his new song, This is Glory, for which he wrote, mixed and produced the dance genre track.

Jason Dunne completed his recording last year in the state-of-the-art Alchemix studios in West End. The recording has helped him through a year of life’s personal struggles, which form the foundation of the song.

Born in New South Wales and raised in Queensland from a young age, Jason’s natural talent and countless hours working as a DJ in local clubs, saw him release his first single, Endurance, in his early twenties.  Four years later, and after some local and international success, he is now primed and ready to further tackle the dance/pop genre and put the Brisbane dance club scene on the international map.

Jason’s response to being asked his opinion on the club and dance scene in Brisbane, and what the future holds for him, is: “The biggest hurdle for new artists that is out there at the moment is the lack of trust and support from the local clubs and radio.  Unless you have a famous name or collaborate with other big named DJs, most music submissions are not replied to.  No matter how good the music may be.” Jason adds, “However, having the support of European and Asian markets certainly adds to the attraction to keep producing music and to help gain interest locally.”

Asked whether Spotify, iTunes music, and other streaming networks, are hurting the Australian music scene, and also about his choice to only release on these platforms, Jason says, “Streaming music supports unknown and up-and-coming artists, also helping curb the pirating of great, local music. So it definitely can’t be a bad thing. And at least we [the music artists] are getting paid from the downloads.”

With influences from David Guetta to Zedd, This is Glory has catchy loops and mixes.  Accompanied by the soulful, yet vibrant singing of Korean-born Amelia Temota, the lyrics make this song as great as any international artist’s. The haunting melodies within the song structure move at a pace that stirs you physically and emotionally, which is exactly what Jason was hoping his audience would feel.

The song’s first week of release entered at number 41 in the European dance charts, and the top 100 in Canada, New Zealand and Australia; and has placed number 38 in the British dance charts. An official tour of clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and regional Queensland, to support his new single and other tracks, should see this single hit new heights for Jason.

The This is Glory track seems destined to be part of any dance club DJ compilation and with three more tracks currently in production, and an EP release due in May this year, Jason Dunne, or Ljay as he prefers on stage, is on his way to dance music glory, as his song title suggests.

Words by Damien Lowe