Community Plus+ and its fundraising partner Jacobs Engineering Group, rode in the Great Brisbane Bike Ride 2019 to raise funds for its centres and programs across West End, Yeronga and Annerley on Sunday 19 May.

Jacobs has been working closely with Community Plus+ on a multitude of projects since 2009. Some of these include washing dishes at weekly community breakfasts, upgrading facilities like the disability lift, planning and designing projects and supporting and donating resources. The Great Brisbane Bike Ride will be project number 71 for the company and will field 25 riders who are hoping to raise more than $10,000 for Community Plus+. Their team will be made up of staff, supporters and volunteers.

Community Plus+ is a Brisbane based not for profit organisation that creates welcoming and active spaces where people can meet their neighbours, access support, and work together to create positive changes in their community. What began as an organisation with a West End focus has now expanded to embrace Annerley, Yeronga and West End communities.

Many people in these communities rely on the role Community Plus+ provides and there is a growing need for their services.

Community Plus+ organiser and spokesperson, Jane Holden, said it has been a productive partnership between Jacobs and Community Plus+ and hopes other organisations, businesses or individuals come and pitch in and see the work they do. Holden says they group are lucky to have a wonderful community behind them with this fundraiser each year. Community Plus+ urges organisations, businesses or individuals to come and see what they do or to partner with them.

The organisation hosts community breakfasts in West End every Thursday for those wishing to find out more.

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