Dietitians Desi Carlos and Lisa Peterson of Two Greek Girls Cooking will showcase a day of cooking  at The Mediterranean Diet Expo hosted at South Brisbane’s The Greek Club on Sunday 21 October.

The expo will be a day for the community to learn about the unique advantages traditional Mediterranean food can have on health and wellbeing. “The Mediterranean Diet incorporates a range of antioxidant-rich foods, good fats, as well as plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre which can lower your risk for a whole range of chronic health conditions,” Lisa said.

The Brisbane-based dietitians say the Mediterranean diet is effective because it does not restrict any foods, is close to nature, and is easy to implement. The Two Greek Girls Cooking authors and dietitians, say media attention on the recent reanalysis of a randomised trial on the Mediterranean Diet for cardiovascular health, should not deter Australians from adopting a well-rounded, natural and plant-based approach to eating.

A 2013 randomised trial has recently been “re-analysed” after a statistician at the New England Journal of Medicine raised questions about imperfections with some of the data. The original trial, Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet, known as the PREDIMED study, was conducted by Dr Miguel A. Martinez-Gonzalez of the University of Navarra. It involved 7447 participants aged 55 to 80 who were assigned one of three diets (high in olive oil, high in nuts and low in fat) and were followed for a five year period before results were collated. On re-evaluation of the data by Dr Martinez-Gonzalez in conjunction with Dr Miguel Hernan of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, they concluded the original findings were still accurate and a new paper was released last week.

For Desi and Lisa this study just reaffirms what they already know and they are excited to showcase their food at Mediterranean Diet Expo.

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