With Greek Easter fast approaching this weekend, Greek food wholesaler Hellene Food Brokers/Mega Continental Food Wholesalers have been bursting at the seams with customers.

The Greek community within the neighbouring areas have been flocking to the store, and by the masses, snapping up all the necessary food ingredients for the upcoming feasts and festivities.

To find out more, I popped in to see what was going on.

Upon my visit to the store there were dozens of customers shuffling their way through, rubbing shoulders, and greeting each other with a smile, as contemporary Greek hits idle their way through the tightly packed shopfront.

Over the next few days, leading up to Greek Easter, there will be lots of cooking, with Friday being a non-cooking day for the Greek Orthodox community.

Prior to the upcoming Easter weekend, the Greek community have not eaten any meat or egg products for 40 days; they will only do so after midnight on Saturday, when church bells ring and priests announce Christ has arisen.

Following this announcement, families host a large family midnight feast of traditional dishes – including meat dishes.

Before then, Greek Orthodox families have been enjoying vegetarian delights, snapping up quantities of olives, nuts, beans, flour and rusks.

There has also been the baking of the traditional Tsoureki, a type of sweet bread only baked over the Easter period, with a vibrant red-dyed egg sitting proudly in the centre, representing the blood of Christ.

Other festivities include Greek dancing, of course, as well as the traditional egg-smashing competition, which sees battlers attempt to be the first to break their opponent’s decorated boiled egg.

Words by Keagan Elder | Photos by Annelisa Pope and from SBS Feast