2019 heralds the inaugural exhibition at Onespace Gallery by artist Nicola Moss who is exhibiting from 2 February to 2 March.

Moss brings her City and Nature project to the gallery, examining a changing ecology — a place where town planning, heritage and personal aesthetic mixes with maintenance regimes and sense of wellbeing. Born in Melbourne, Nicola Moss spent her early childhood years in Scotland, before returning aged 10 to Australia in 1978. The green ‘blanket’ vision of vegetated hills viewed on return flight; and extensive travel as an adult, have impressed a philosophy of connectivity to all life and energy around her.

Greenspace explores the inner-city Brisbane suburbs of postcode 4101 — South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill. The work shares in local discussion, melding stories of the varied roles of greenery in our urban areas. Moss’s art practice explores the value of a healthy environment to communities and individuals, with a particular focus on the sense of wellbeing contact with plants can provide in our everyday lives. Her paper based works resonate with ideas around themes of identity, lifestyle and sustainability. Ultimately her investigation asks: ‘What value do plants and green space provide in our everyday lives? What may the future of green space in Brisbane look like?’