Students and communities can now step forward and backwards through time for an interactive journey through some of Queensland’s most seasonal and rapidly changing landscapes – online!

Geography education consultant Rebecca Nichols showcased the new GroundTruth Interactive page and curriculum-mapped educational resources to 200 teachers at Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) Conference on October 3 at the Gold Coast.
These mesmerising GroundTruth interactive animations have also been curriculum-mapped into a suite of cross-curricular educational resources, bringing together art and science in an exciting learning environment.

Through these education tools primary and secondary students explore a range of spatial data and then work in the field to ‘ground truth’ their local area. They are then encouraged to create and share a video narrative with this data that communicates the change to their community over time and into the future. “Ground Truth Network is a great resource for teachers to use,” Rebecca Nichols said. “It’s not just satellite imagery and remote sensing. It’s this idea of where art and science meet.

QUT’s Visualisation and e-Research team produced the online interactive animations from the art installation GroundTruth – Fire, Flood and Human Endeavour that showcased at World Science Festival Brisbane last year and at QUT Art Museum’s exhibition Transboundaries: Art + Connection. The immersive media exhibition brought to life satellite imagery of the Greater Brisbane Region, the Channel Country and Cape York to show how humans and nature change the environments we live in. In a unique collaboration, filmmaker and media artist Grania Kelly teamed with Queensland Government remote-sensing scientists and visualisation experts at QUT Institute for Future Environments to bring this mapping to life. Now this exquisite visual and aural work is available online, reducing barriers to access to the suite of educational resources that are artistic, entertaining and science!

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