Avant-garde hairdresser and owner of leading Brisbane salon Corcorz Hair, Carole Haddad has gained international and national success.

Carole, a finalist for the Australian Hairdresser of the Year this year, won a Salutation Award and her creative team won the Artistic Team of the Year award at the recent Australian Hair Fashion Awards staged at the Convention Centre in South Brisbane. A high achiever in her industry, Carole is also the first Australian to present at the International Alternative Hair Show in London, where she was one out of 16 people selected internationally.

The recent awards add to Carole’s ever-expanding collection of achievements, including multiple awards at state, national and international level, including being awarded Queensland Hairdresser of the Year in 2009. “I still don’t think I’ve come far enough. I still think I have a long way to go. You can’t let a ‘no’ stop you; you just have to keep going for what you want,” said Carole, who believes ambition is a perpetual process.

Carole also participated at one of the world’s largest hair expos, Salon International in London. “I’m privileged to give back to my industry; we went to London, New York and Los Angeles. London has the best hairdressers in the world. The best place, though, was New York. I get inspired by everything in life — the buildings, the people, the atmosphere,” said Carole.
Carole’s many high profile clients have ranged from the Prime Minister of Ireland to Bernard Fanning from Powderfinger. She has ongoing hair contracts with two major television networks in Brisbane, styling a range of television personalities including newsreaders Melissa Downes and Georgina Lewis. She worked with personalities from Network 10’s Big Brother for the entire duration of the series, including styling Pamela Anderson for her guest appearance on the show. She is currently styling for reality programs Conviction Kitchen and Australia’s Got Talent. Carole’s work has also been featured on models nationally and internationally in magazines and she has worked with designers including the iconic Alex Perry. She also styled author Barbara Taylor Bradford for the launch of her Australian tour.

Carole, whose brother and father are also hairdressers, opened her first salon in 1995 in Brisbane’s CBD then relocated to South Bank in 2001. She is one of the original business owners in the South Bank precinct. “I was the first person to open in this whole area; I watched this place grow. This is the place to be; I decided to reinvent myself here after moving from the city,” said Carole, who believes her Little Stanley Street location is much better than her previous location. Carole originally wanted to relocate to West End, but figured South Bank has the best of both worlds being on the border of both West End and the CBD and believed it was destiny that lead her to this location. “I believe in good energy and the universe. This was it, and I never turned back. Little Stanley Street is a lifestyle, I love the people here, it is a bit like my Melrose,” Carole laughs.

Words by Jessica Ebser | Styling Lucia Arias Martinez | Photography David Mannah | Make up Christian Alexander