It all started with a hashtag for owners of Fitaz Functional Kinetics, Aaron McAllister and Georgio Batsinilas, whose business skyrocketed when their hashtag FitazFK started trending on Instagram.

“We had an old Instagram account called Fitaz Health but that never really stuck so we then started hashtagging ‘Fitazfk’. It started trending and it only went up from there,” Georgio said.

Fitaz Functional Kinetics was a corporate health business for 10 years before being relaunched as FitazFK online in April last year. Since then, it has had many projects including the Fitaz in 28 days Guide that sold more than 11,000 digital copies last year. Following the success of the guide, the duo released their new FitazFK e-cookbook, What The FK Should I Eat, last April selling 1000 copies within the first week. “The cookbook has healthy meals mixed with smart treat options; it works for any diet.”

Besides Aaron and Georgio, FitazFK dietician Marika Day was the main driving input for the cookbook which includes 30 balanced recipes that cater to all needs, including gluten free options. “We wanted something to add value and to complement the 28-day fitness guide and we’ve combined everything (the guide and cookbook) in a way that works in the long run.”LM_150924_FF&S.FitazFK_0064-Edit_HIGHres

Aaron and Georgio put a lot of thought into the process of using the Functional Kinetics method to create the guide, which took one and a half years to produce and perfect, while constantly testing and tweaking it prior to the launch. “We tweaked it through trials with heaps of pilots, tested it in our PT sessions and made small changes until it was perfect,” they said. “It’s a very generalised program and tailors for everyone. We’ve put a balanced workout in place for those who don’t know how to use it or if it’s something specific like if someone wants to lose weight or if they want to build more muscle they can use it. The difference between our guide and the other guides is that they have workout plans; we’ve created our own method.”

The Functional Kinetics Method is a type of training that hits all types of fitness. It creates an accountability element without minute-on-the-minute theory. “It’s 28 minutes with an 18-minute conditioning phase and five minutes for a warm up and five minutes for cool down.”

Aaron and Georgio have begun opening their Instagram account more often to communicate with their followers and receive public feedback about before-and-after results while looking for future projects. “When you put something into a caption, like a question or anything else, usually something like that opens up to negativity; we surprisingly got nothing. We’re very aspiration based and what we’re trying to do now is lean more into the testimonials from the guide,” Georgio said.
Fitazfk is in for another busy year with an app that is set to be released in September and the hopes of taking their FK method into the gym of their West End office by the end of the year.

Words by Jocelyn Garcia | Images supplied by FitazFk