Brisbane based author, Jost Sauer, has just independently published Clock on to Health, a genre-defining lifestyle medicine ‘how-to’ guide, that takes readers on a fast-paced 24 hour journey to organ health. This is the key to health and happiness in traditional Chinese medicine.

Jost is an acupuncturist and therapist with 30 years experience, and he wrote the book in response to the new global health crisis of lifestyle disease. 50 per cent of the Australian population is now affected by this, therefore Jost regularly converses with patients who are confused and fear for their health. Many have lost faith in mainstream medicine, are over-medicated, miserable and at risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and the chronic inflammation that underpins lifestyle diseases. They commonly feel lonely, anxious and depressed.

Jost believes lifestyle is the primary cause, and he has developed a counter lifestyle as the cure in order to popularise the idea that what you do when is connected to health; an homage to traditional Chinese medicine. In an entertaining approach to health, Jost presents the first-ever lifestyle based on your organs’ preferences. Each chapter of Clock On To Health introduces a different organ as a ‘character’ and describes their duties. Readers discover the best time for everything from snacks to sex; from social media to sleep from the perspectives of their organs.

The aim is to put people back in charge of their health, and show them how to self-heal hundreds of symptoms before they can become serious. The lifestyle bonuses include natural weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy and anti-ageing. And all that is required is a clock! Clock On To Health is launching at Avid Reader Bookshop 10 August at 10.30 am. Jost will be delivering a free talk on organs, health and happiness at the event and all are welcome.

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