Guilt… how many times have you been crippled by guilt along your life journey, whether that be feeling guilt in a past or present relationship for letting a love go to soon from your life whether partner or spouse and feeling guilt that you walked away to soon, that there may have been more lessons to learn, or being unfaithful in a relationship and feeling guilt about your choices.

Maybe you feel or have felt guilt in a family situation that may have you not talking with a family member/s, or maybe you’ve felt guilt when someone has passed, and the guilt you feel is that you should have been there when they passed or should have said more precious words if you had more time before someone’s death…

When dealing with guilt one must understand that guilt is an emotion, a thought that at all times we as individuals are in control of and this emotion comes to us during our journey to teach us a lesson about who we are. Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.

When dealing with guilt my guidance is to ask yourself what it is causing this emotion? How can you change this into a positive life lesson and move forward from this? Have you already learnt the positive life lesson at hand? What is the lesson?

Never let guilt keep you stagnant, your past is there to guide you, not define you. Always remember we are in control of our mind and a positive mind will live a positive life.
I can share that life will never put you through more than you can handle, and we must all go through the dark to appreciate the light at some stages in our lives. Whatever the experience you have gone through to feel this guilt, learn from it in a positive manner and accept that it is now part of your being and move forward on to your next lesson. Your best teacher is your last mistake.

You are amazing remember that.

Ira Israel
Psychic Medium