The Hope Street Cafés are thriving into a second and third year of successful business and social outcomes. The cafés are managed by Micah Projects, long-term South Brisbane community organisation. Micah is creating great results with their approach to providing assistance and services to people in our community at a vulnerable point in their lives whether it is through experiencing domestic violence issues, homelessness, or a range of economic and social disadvantage. Hospitality Operations Manager Rory Doyle says, “yes, we sometimes confuse our customers about location as we have two ‘Hope’ related cafés, but given the mission we feel, in time, their positions, personalities and shared missions will make sense to everyone in the Brisbane inner-city landscape. They are ‘sister’ cafes.”

Both cafes are finding their niche markets with Hope Street Café, South Brisbane increasingly servicing the casual Airbnb visitors, the local Arts precinct and the people who make their homes in Brisbane Common Ground right next door on Hope Street. Hope Street Café also provides a simple ‘corner store’ offering for small goods with eggs, milk and other home basics at hand. Hope on Boundary Café though is also thriving and is surrounded by edible gardens courtesy of the crew at the Jane Street Community Garden. Just south of Vulture Street, it is supported enormously by the many people, meetings and events which are part of Micah’s everyday activities. Every second Saturday it also hosts a small market.

Exciting for both operations is the rapid development of the new event or private catering business operated out of the café kitchens. Dolye says “catering has been a very successful new business development for us, well supported by local business. Our catering service is just thriving. Every catering order with us too, helps to create positive pathways for people who face barriers to employment.”

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