Questions like “why do stars twinkle”, “why don’t cats wear shoes” and “where does our poo go” are part of the thrill of being a young child growing up in a big world. These deceivingly complex questions can be tough for even the most academic of minds to answer – especially in a way that is easy for little ones to understand.

Enter Imagine This – a podcast created by ABC Kids listen, based on The Conversation’s articles from the Curious Kids series. Each episode of the podcast delves into a puzzling question from an inquisitive mind. With host Brianna Peterson, preschool aged children chat alongside Australia’s leading academics to explore the science behind the world around us. Imagine This is perfectly pitched to ears both young and old and underscores the importance of not only understanding the science of the world but knowing how to articulate it and have fun along the way.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ABC Kids listen on the production of Imagine This,” says The Conversation’s Sunanda Creagh. “The Conversation‘s Curious Kids article series asks Australia’s top researchers to answer tricky questions from young inquiring minds. Imagine This brings these stories to life. It’s not always easy to get little ones to sit still and listen. But I’ve seen kids entranced by episodes of Imagine This from beginning to end, with brilliant sound effects and wonderful storytelling.”

ABC Kids Listen provides children aged up to five years and their families with a safe space to access trusted, educational and entertaining audio programs that feature music and stories from their favourite ABC Kids characters. ABC Kids Listen aims to enhance learning, cognitive and physical activity, imagination, creativity and family experiences, and assisting parents and caregivers to bridge the gap between home and child care.

Imagine This is available through DAB+ radios, live radio stream, and a free app on the Apple App Store and Google Play, families can enjoy 14 regular weekly audio programs from 6am every day.

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