The diversity, established architecture and vibrant feel of the West End is the inspiration behind the design for INK Apartments by Brisbane architecture firm ROTHELOWMAN, the latest West End development on the sought-after Donkin Street.

“The architecture of the building combines the robustness and scale of the adjacent industrial warehouses, with the fineness and attention to detail of the nearby heritage listed manor houses,” say Jeff Brown, Principal at ROTHELOWMAN.

The combination of these influences has lead to a sense of harmony in the INK building, one that maintains what West End is known for, its vibrancy and multicultural village atmosphere. Continuing and maintaing this feel of West End has been of the highest priority to ROTHELOWMAN and developer Turrisi Properties. The development is of personal significance to Managing Director Gaetano Turrisi, whose Italian heritage is steeped in the culture of the West End. “We understand it, we’re locals,” Turrisi says. “It’s more personalised in the fact that we live in the area and we’re very much aware of its past, so that’s influenced our thinking for the landscape spaces in the building.”

A defining feature of INK is its rooftop recreation area with gardens, dining areas and a barbecue, intended to replicate the village sensibility of the West End streets below. Envisaged as ‘the perfect backyard,’ the roof level recreation space is a place for residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets below; not an easy feat considering the suburb is less than two kilometres from the CBD. “The rooftop recreation experience and design has been influenced by the vegetable gardens of the locals in the West End precinct,” Brown says.

Together ROTHELOWMAN and Turrisi Properties also worked on fellow West End development The Glass Factory, located just 500 metres away on Vulture Street.

With the changing streets of West End its comforting to know the people at the forefront of change as as committed to the safeguarding of the West End’s community feel as as the locals are.