West End native Scott Wings talks to Pip Hawksworth about his latest one-man performance in collaboration with the nationally acclaimed Anywhere Theatre Festival.

In the cosy confines of West End cafe The Three Monkeys, local comedy theatre guru Scott Wings tells me about his new show Colossi, which the actor labels “the yin to the yang” of Icarus Falling, his sellout performance at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Following a touchdown back in Brisbane, Wings opted to premiere his newest work in this year’s Anywhere Theatre Festival – an event very much the yin to performance carnivals like that of Edinburgh’s.

Now in its fifth year, the Brisbane-based Anywhere Festival has achieved national fame for tugging performance out of theatres and back into the community. In short, Anywhere plays can be produced, discovered anywhere but in theatres. 

Anywhere Festival creators Paul Osuch and Alex McTavish state on their website, “We believe there is a better way for performers and producers than waiting for rare slots in theatres and losing life savings presenting in fringe festivals, where there are more performances than audiences members.”

Colossi marks the third year Wings has collaborated with the festival duo. With the additional help of producers Meg Bartholomew and Angela Willock, the play has finally blossomed just around the corner in Highgate Hill. “It’s on this beautiful bridge in a park. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of play, with a bit of discussion around mental health as well. It’s essentially me playing with an imaginary friend – when you’re a kid you can explore imaginary things and it’s great. Why can’t you do that as an adult?”

Wings, also the writer of the show, began penning Colossi in November of last year, and had always planned to introduce the finished product to Brisbane with the Anywhere team. “They’re really open to ideas, and the audiences in Brisbane are open to them as well. It’s a great place to give new things a go and really charge into them – I knew if there was any place I was going to launch [Colossi], it was going to be Anywhere.”

Colossi and Brisbane’s 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival run until May 24. For more information on performances and ticketing, visit http://anywherefest.com.

By Pip Hawksworth

Image credit: Stuart Hirth