At just 20 years old, Undergrad Nutritionist and holistic health and lifestyle blogger Estelle Allen, has taken to social media like wildfire, spreading her passion for helping others heal an unhealthy relationship with food to achieve optimal wellbeing. Having accumulated more than 1800 Facebook likes since establishing her Facebook page earlier on in the year, and an Instagram following now above the 17,500 mark, it is definitely fair to say that Estelle is (well and truly) making her mark.

Think clean eating is boring, time consuming, and expensive? Think again. Just one look at Allen’s Instagram posts and you’ll be salivating over her simple yet delicious and affordable kitchen creations, made with nothing but supercharged wholefoods in their purest form.

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Estelle maintains a busy schedule – in between whizzing up her latest health inventions in the kitchen and expanding her health knowledge studying, she is either working at the Health shop in Toowong, getting her daily sweat on in the outdoors, or maintaining her (both her physical and spiritual) core strength on the yoga mat. To what would seem like an already jam packed agenda, Estelle has been busy working on her latest project – the release of her very own website: Estelle Allen Health, expected to be up and running within the next few months.

Not having a distinct career path in mind after finishing high-school, Estelle decided to move out of home and follow her creative and social flare, beginning a Bachelor of Journalism at university. After taking full advantage of the party fuelled college lifestyle, Estelle embarked on what she thought was “just another new year’s resolution” to ditch her unhealthy habits that had accumulated over the year. “I got fed up of waking up exhausted, going to bed wired and just feeling generally lousy all the time! I decided to empower myself,” recalls Allen. With the multitude of ‘fitspo’ accounts out there, Estelle turned to Instagram to satisfy the daily quota of inspiration she needed to keep her motivation levels high and her goals on track. This is when she began to utilise the platform as a means of holding herself accountable and documenting her lifestyle changes by snapping away vibrant photos of her own food. It was from this moment that her insta ‘fame’ manifested and her journey to health evolved. “My interest in learning about food, good nutrition, health and wellbeing seemed to grow exponentially as I began to feel more vibrant. I knew then that diet and lifestyle were playing a huge role in the way I was feeling. I threw myself into books, trying recipes, testing my own creativity with nutritious foods – and from there I quickly realised my passion. It allowed me to share my passion for helping resolve our damaged relationship with food by simply sharing my own story,” Estelle recalls.


Two years down the track on the straight and narrow, her healthy goals now a lifestyle choice, Estelle soon came to the realisation that her career path was not leading her to reach her full potential, as she admits, “I think everyone knows that we all have this longing to do something meaningful with our lives. We all deep down want to do ‘work’ that will leave the world a better place, help others, and strive towards something larger. I am a big believer in fate, and I honestly believe that I have experiences that can help others. As soon as I realised my passion for healthy living, I was courageous enough to let passion guide my purpose and I decided I wanted to be a nutritionist.” Estelle is now eagerly studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Eager to hear more about her latest project, Allen gives an overview of what to expect from her soon-to-be launched website Estelle Allen Health, “My goal for the website is to really just be a hub where I can finally connect with my followers and where we can all discuss and share experiences together as we continue to grow and explore our own bodies. It will be a place where I can finally share my whole story on how I have managed to transform my health and consequently my life.”

Just being in Estelle’s presence with her glowing skin, clear eyes, and her contagious ‘zest for life’ attitude, it left me thinking – I want whatever she’s having!

Words by Sophie Lucas – Images provided by Estelle.