Sekisui House Australia (SHA) has extended its bold collaboration with Australian artists at West Village with the release of Arcadia Residences, scheduled to open in late 2019. In collaboration with renowned Japanese-Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa, award-winning SJB Interiors and Plus Architecture, SHA has released a suite of 53 exclusive residences in its new Arcadia North Gallery at the West End development. The artistic partnership follows a successful and ongoing collaboration with artists David and Yuge Bromley on Stage One at West Village.

West Village Project Director Andrew Thompson said that SHA was excited to be working with a global fashion icon and one of Australia’s most celebrated designers. “Isogawa brings three decades of creative and technical expertise to the Arcadia Residences,” he said. “He takes his design and style inspiration from nature and the environment, and he is applying that design and style to inspire our environment, inside and outside. That design influence reflects his unique aesthetic, articulates his textural understanding of the natural world, and honours both his and Sekisui House’s Japanese heritage.”

Isogawa’s aesthetic draws heavily on traditional Japanese designs and techniques and he says that, as a designer, he “wants to make things that are emotionally or spiritually connected to people”. He adds that a “home should transcend the ordinary, it should have a soul. My idea of home is being surrounded by beauty, space and tranquillity. Home should feel comfortable and familiar, inspiring, welcoming.”

The South Gallery is joined to the North Gallery by a hallmark of Sekisui House design philosophy – a 1000 square metre Japanese Chusizen, an island garden forest that celebrates nature in the modern world. The Chusizen will feature extensive curated gardens and trees, a second pool, individual meditation spaces, outdoor dining areas and a full outdoor kitchen and barbecue facilities.

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