Brisbane’s Japanese Festival will take over West End’s West Village with food, drink and entertainment on Saturday, 19 August.

Brisbane’s Japanese restaurants will offer sake tastings, market stalls, chopstick challenges, and bento boxes for attendees to eat and drink their way from Sapporo to Osaka to Tokyo.

For just $10, tickets will give attendees entry to a full day of gyoza feasting, drum dancing, and hanami-style picnic festivities, with activities and performances for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Vendors will peddle delicacies from poke bowls topped in sashimi to stylish sushi donuts to bubble tea.

West Village’s Project Director Andrew Thompson is excited to celebrate the company’s Japanese heritage with the Brisbane community.

“Japan’s culture is rich and full of elements that have captured the hearts of Australians for decades. The Japanese Festival at West Village will be an opportunity for the community to celebrate this vivid and complex culture, learn about, and participate in traditional Japanese activities,” said Thompson.

The festival will also feature Japanese art and hands-on workshops.

Kids can look forward to activities including origami workshops and a vibrant arcade alley.

Craving more than just a taste? Your ticket could send you to Japan, with all online bookings entering the draw to win an overseas escape.

Purchase tickets here.

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