Architectural firm Rothelowman White’s Principal Jeff Brown lives and breathes West End. He grew up in Brisbane, around Sunnybank before getting his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Queensland.

Jeff Brown shares a lot of qualities with West End. He is incredibly friendly and open, but equally successful and confident. He has lived in the suburb for more than ten years now, directly behind the building he just designed – The Glass Factory.

According to Brown, the 4101 is experiencing a massive coming-of-age. Foreign investors as well as trendy Sydney-siders and Melbournians now have the 4101 on their radar, and as Brown describes, the area is ‘ripe for regeneration’.

Despite the boom in development though, Brown is determined to preserve the area’s identity. “We aimed to link the trendy ‘High Street’ of Boundary Street towards the River along Vulture Street,” Brown explains. “Rather than the ‘cosmopolitan lifestyle’ (cliché style apartment blocks), this building is dark and edgy. The site was originally a glass factory. We wanted to preserve that history somehow.” It was the ethereal qualities of West End, ‘cultural melting pot’ history and fast approaching future that led to the revolutionary Glass Factory design.

With several new high-rise complexes set to come on line in South Brisbane, including “Austin” opposite the Cultural Centre, it is hard to imagine that Brown has achieved so much at such a young age.

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Words by Emily Smith