Brisbane schoolteacher turned boxer Jeff Horn claimed the world welterweight title at Suncorp Stadium in his match against Manny Pacquiao on Sunday, 2 July. Although most Queensland fans are excited about the ‘Battle of Brisbane’s’ outcome, there is one suburb with more reason to celebrate.

Horn trained for the fight at West End’s Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness Gym. He has been preparing with Dundee Kim, the founder of the gym, for the past four years and during the lead-up to the match. After they completed their last session before the match, Dundee said that he did all he could to train Horn.

“I gave him all my energy, heart and my mind for this preparation.

Now I leave it to God. Hornet team has been prepared 120 percent,” said Dundee.

Dundee founded Dundee’s Body Care Trust, trading as Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness, back in 2009, and has  helped many people achieve their fitness goals since. His passion for boxing was highlighted when he created his own boxing program in 2011, which was then accredited by Fitness Australia.

The West End fitness hub is renowned for its focus on improving people’s bodies and mental wellbeing, taking each person’s backgrounds and capabilities into account. Dundee explained that there is so much more to training than just having the skills to compete.

“I say to the trainers, ‘make sure you’re training with your heart’,” said Dundee.

“Skill, you can only achieve a certain limit. But if you’re training with a combination of skill and heart, you can truly achieve anything,” he said.

Horn defied the odds when he bested 11-time world champion Manny Pacquiao. The pair completed the 12 rounds, with Horn winning via a unanimous decision. Many locals believe it was one of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history on home soil.

Horn earned scores of 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113 from the judges, leading to his win.

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