The 4101 area has received yet another boost to its artistic and music profile now that Work-Shop has landed on our territory.

Work-Shop is a creative concept to help people “unleash your inner awesome” – as its tagline goes – by participating in a range of creative community classes. It offers affordable short courses in arts, crafts and life skills, taught by local artists and industry experts. Situated at The Autumn Co. on 29 Merivale Street in South Brisbane, Work-Shop is the product of the artistic genius of Chester Garcia and Matt Branagan. The motivation behind its creation is simple – Chester and Matt wanted to encourage people to experience the joy of making things with their hands, hearts, and minds. Plus, it’s a great way for others in the community to gather together, learn something new in an inspiring environment and get to know other like-minded individuals (and who knows, perhaps even meet your future partner).

Work-Shop Brisbane -

A screen printing demonstration at the launch of Work-Shop Brisbane

To give the general public a taste of what is available, the launch party last Friday, 7 August, showcased a flower arrangement session and screen-printing demonstration. As for the space where the classes will be held, it is roomy enough to accommodate a large group of students yet still maintains an intimate feel, much like a cosy little cave to take refuge in as you embark on your creative adventure. Currently on offer for Brisbane-based students are classes along the likes of songwriting, zine making, herb growing and a tour through the history of Japanese whisky. When you are ready to try something new, check out the full range of courses here.

Work-Shop Brisbane -

Attendees at the launch of Work-Shop Brisbane

Words by Rachel Lee | Images by Emily Nelson