Kerry Schilling is Brisbane’s own wildlife warrior, rescuing and rehabilitating native wildlife such as possums, kangaroos, wallabies and gliders. She has been an animal hero for more than 30 years and has launched her own wildlife centre, Kerry’s Wildlife Rescue and Care.

“The idea for Kerry’s Wildlife Rescue and Care first came around 15 years ago, my husband said to give it up, that it’s never going to work. But I said I’m going to make it work and here I am now,” she said.

At the moment Kerry is caring for around 10 animals but gets sent in more every day, “I work 24/7, feeding times are every three hours, right around the clock,” she said.

People can join the centre and learn courses that teach them how to become a carer. All of Kerry’s courses are onsite and cost only $10 for a 3 hour course. “My goal for the future is to get as many carers as I can to understand our wildlife, they need our help. People need to stop chopping trees down, we don’t need too much development. The animals were here before us, if we don’t have wildlife, what’s this earth going to be like,” Kerry explained.


“At the moment I have 16 carers and an ambulance driver who picks up animals that need rescuing, but we desperately need more carers and donations.”

For more information you can contact Kerry Schilling on 0431 674 016 or visit Kerry’s Wildlife Rescue and Care Centre at 4 Reis Street, Woolloongabba.

Words by Emily Facoory | Images by Christian Anderson