The West End Magazine interviews Kimberley Clifford, a graphic design graduate from Southbank Institute of Technology. Her work is now popular all over the country as she had won the design competition last year for Kevin Rudd’s blend for Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea.

Did you always want to be a graphic designer?

I’ve been pounding the keys since I was two years old and even as a young kid my text was always perfectly lined up.  I’ve been obsessed with letters for as long as I can remember.  In highschool I discovered that I could turn my obsession into a career.  I took a few workshops at CATC Design School and instantly fell in love with the process and possibilities that design could offer and I haven’t stopped learning since.

How does it feel seeing your design out in the market and especially on TV?

It’s absolutely mind blowing.  I still get excited every time I see my design on the shelves. It’s wonderful knowing that something I designed reaches such a large audience on a daily basis.


Any advice for aspiring artists?

Work hard, embrace opportunities and put your heart into what you love. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t take criticism to heart – but do take it!

What are your plans for your graphic design career from here?

I would like to join a studio and learn all there is to learn.  Becoming a designer has taught me to look at the world through quite different eyes.  Design is all around us. In advertising it has become loud and intrusive.  I think the days of flashy signs and neon lights are numbered.  We should be conserving power not wasting it.  In a world of bright and in-your-face media, subtlety has far more substance.

I like the aesthetics of vintage and naturals and I try to incorporate that into my work in a modern and appropriate way. I love type and I have a wicked sense of humor so briefs that allow me to play on words are my favourite. Hand lettering and quick wits!

Did the culture around West End and surrounding suburbs influence your style?

There are some really beautiful, organic feelings in West End that have definitely helped to influence my style and the way I view and approach the world.

What’s your favourite hang out in 4101?

Burrito Bar, hands down! The wall, and the food, and the margaritas – everything about that place is fantastic.



Banner image from Steve Pohlner Source: The Courier-Mail | Interview by Alana Barretto