The children, parents and educators of Scott Street Community Kindergarten went on their annual excursion this month to Where The Wild Things Are bookstore and Avid Reader cafe on Monday 13 and Friday 17 August.

The event was coordinated by the past and present mothers of the centre, with Scott Street Community Kindergarten Director Angela Moyinhan saying she feels fortunate to be part of a welcoming, supportive and engaging community. “Many parents joined us for a walk through our community to our local children’s bookstore Where The Wild Things Are owned by Fiona Stager,” said Angela. The children and parents walked along the footpath holding hands and observed and learned about their local neighbourhood. The highlighted event allows children to notice and learn about their surroundings or things that are meaningful to them in everyday life.

The school’s philosophy portrays the value in exposing children to literature and stories while enveloping them in the wider community. Reading to children develops language abilities and later literacy achievement, with this excursion supporting that notion. In the bookshop, the children were read various different picture books while also making purchases for their own school. The excursion was later enjoyed by a stop at the cafe at Avid Reader where the children were spoilt with homemade jam drop biscuits and investigating a worm farm made out of a repurposed bathtub. The children showed great endurance and stamina walking to and from the centre of West End. “We are thankful for the parents who joined us as without their involvement experiences such as these wouldn’t be possible,” said Angela. “Creating a sense of community is an important part of what we do as educators, children learn about themselves and construct their own identities within the context of their families and communities.”

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