Soda Press has entered the Kombucha market with its release of one of the world’s first certified organic Kombucha concentrates that is also shelf stable.

Kombucha has recently exploded into the Australian market, with people turning to this low-sugar and nourishing elixir over traditional soda. With Soda Press’ new product, Kombucha-lovers can now make their own from the comfort of their own home, adjusting the fizz and flavour to personal preference by simply adding sparkling water.

Brewed and bottled in Melbourne, Soda Press Kombucha Syrup is fermented across a 45-day period in a small batch process, maximising the probiotics to create a healthy mix of live microorganisms. Soda Press’s Kombucha concentrate contains almost zero sugar and more than one billion live probiotics per serve – which is around two to three times more than standard Kombucha. The syrup contains organic green and black teas which are loaded with high levels of antioxidants.

New Zealander Cameron Romeril is behind the Kombucha syrup concept, which cuts out the complicated brewing process involved in making Kombucha and the costly process of purchasing it. “We’ve been working on this innovation for well over a year now. We wanted to create quality Kombucha that doesn’t cost the earth. We’re better for you, the planet, and your wallet,” says Cameron.

The syrup has launched with an original Kombucha flavour, which will soon be followed by the launch of Cola Nut and Lime and Kaffir Lime. The original flavour has a powerful kick with crisp apple and juicy peach tones. Soda Press Kombucha is earth-conscious, all bottles are made from recycled glass, and all products inputs are recyclable.

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