Last Saturday night brought with it an air of excitement that officially grew to its peak as soon as I popped out of the apartment in Highgate Hill and saw the gorgeous sunset 4101 was putting on for us that night (I am a sucker for sunsets). I had been looking forward to this evening’s impending festivities for days now and it felt extra special in that I was attending the re-launch of a very special little West End beauty, Lefkas Taverna ( … yep, just try and keep me away from an opening night!)

First established in 1991, Lefkas Taverna has long been a staple of West End – and for only the best reasons – the food, the atmosphere (the love in the air) which doesn’t hurt a bit.

This place has a lovely community feel that you’ll be hard-pressed to find (authentically) just anywhere. It has been built on years and years of work from Ang and Johnny (the married owners) and tonight, more so than ever, their hard work has sprung so beautifully to fruition in the form of a revamped and renewed restaurant that these two should be very proud of.

When we arrive (my own lover and I), I spot Johnny in the kitchen, char-grilling all manner of delicious meats and it’s not long before Ang finds us to say hello – she is divinely friendly and welcoming – the kind of person you meet and decidedly feel you should be friends with (as I may have verbalised to Sebastian that very evening after first meeting her).

Lefkas has reopened, bigger and better – with added seating and space (a lot more space) a beautiful and traditionally Greek new interior and a fantastic array of entertainment to boot; I’m told dancing spilling onto the street will not be an uncommon occurrence going forward (as has already been the case before tonight!)

Tonight we order the delicious dishes of: calamari, baby octopus, Greek salad, lemon chicken and yiros. And we can’t wait to come back and eat here again, it is fantastic and the atmosphere is pumping with so much Greek love I find myself wishing I was Greek!

Make it a priority to visit the new Lefkas, it can only exceed your expectations, as it did mine.

Have a great week!


x Allie