St Laurence’s College 2020 College Captain Liam Trenow and College Vice Captains Thomas Heard and Geordan Vaitsis are heralding 2020 as a year of inspiring younger students to be the best that they can be. Whilst 2020 is not shaping up to be the year that these young men had planned, it is the Captains’ aim to still have a profound influence on the wider school community through their actions and service as leaders.

College Captain Liam is actively involved in all aspects of the College. He has devoted himself to playing at least one sport each term, representing Lauries in the First Basketball team since Year 10. He has acted in numerous College productions and succeeded academically. Liam believes, “The whole purpose of leadership is to serve. True leadership isn’t about what you achieve, but what you give. During this unprecedented time, we need to ensure we are grounded and maintain our aspirations and passion to fulfil our vision as leaders of the College in 2020. The concept of leadership and connecting with others has become even more critical.

“The 2020 Senior Leaders from House Captains to Prefects are dedicated to ensuring that all students feel included, feel known and we leave a legacy that future students can build on.” Geordan Vaitsis and Thomas Heard complete the Captaincy trio. Both represent the College on the sporting fields in Volleyball, Rugby Union, Football and Rugby League as well as being approachable and passionate school advocates.

These young men are the leaders that will ensure that the legacy of the Lauries Gentleman continues and the Lauries spirit of mateship, courage and resilience endures well into the future.

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