Life of the Party, a new feature film from Amazing People Pictures, has begun its run of VIP screenings throughout Australia.

The film follows three friends edging past their thirties as they attempt to break the world record for the longest house party. Before long, the trio are met with the challenges of working with the Sydney version of the Mafia, and party rule-breakers alike. In this tale of love and loss, three friends trying to find their place in the world in a modern Australian society.

“The film explores themes of, when do you finally let go of someone you love?” said producer Jessica Butland.

“All three main characters are on separate journeys, but their troubles and successes are all shared in that party house.”

The film Amazing People Pictures’ second feature. Director Michael Budd wanted to place emphasis on Australia’s diverse culture, showcasing a mixture of people and attitudes living together in a rapidly growing and beautiful part of the world. 

“Michael created Amazing People Pictures in 2010 on the premise that Australia needed well-developed and contemporary stories to be told,” said Butland.

“Michael and I believe in challenging audiences’ ideals and changing the norms of what an audience expects to be the outcome for the main characters.”

The film stars Georgia Chara, Holly Brisley, and Christopher Kirby.

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