Whether you’re a serious reader, a student or just looking for a juicy summer read, the Brisbane Lifeline Bookfest is the place for you. With over four kilometres of tables filled with millions of books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s and boardgames you’re sure to find something to sink your teeth into. Running all the way from the 16th to the 26th of January and even open until 7:30pm on weekends, there’s no excuse to miss it.

It’s a budget friendly event and with prices as low as $1, you can easily plan your reading list for the year with a tenner. Books are broken up into a range of categories including Children’s, History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Travel, Heath, Cooking, Sport and so many more. Chances are there will be more than one book in your hands as you leave. Beat the heat and spend your day leisurely trawling through the aisles in the Brisbane Exhibition Centre’s air-conditioned halls.

All funds raised support Lifeline and UnitingCare Community programs, which means you can splurge a little but give a lot back. Once you’ve made your way through all of your purchased books and magazines and aren’t fussed on re-reading them, you can donate them back to Lifeline and keep the gift of giving going.

Words by Maddie Vlismas