I realise I’ve been a little bit all about the Greek lately, forgive me, but this part of town boasts the best Greek food in Brisbane (and that is no word of a lie), if you’re a local, you know I speak the truth.

Little Greek Taverna is one place that I honestly have a super soft spot for. I’ve been frequenting Little Greek for years and loving it no less as the years go by. A long-standing love affair that shows no sign of fading…..

It’s the first name that rolls off my tongue whenever anyone asks me where to go for a Saturday lunch or a mid-week meal or a large group dinner with friends. Why? Because it is one of my favourite spots in West End for its amazing, authentic Greek Cuisine and incredible value for money. It’s not unusual for my friend Megan and I (she is often my Little Greek partner mid-week) to walk away having fed ourselves for under $30, sometimes less.

I call Little Greek over lunch time today to make a reservation for my dinner date tonight and the only time they can fit the two of us in on this particular Thursday night is 6pm. It’s at this point I would like to make a point of suggesting you always make sure you book a table – you will surely miss out if not (and this applies to any night of the week) – let its popularity speak for the quality of this restaurant!

Tonight… We eat: Haloumi (because I won’t be denied), Tzatziki dip and Pita bread, Keftedes (meatballs) and the Spanakopita (because, when in Rome (…Greece)…

We drink: water, because it’s BYO here and we didn’t quite make it to the bottle shop beforehand!

We see: a full-to-the-brim restaurant at just 6pm; it’s gotta say something about it!

And it comes as no surprise to me that everything (the food, the whole experience) is perfectly delicious. After all, it’s one of my all-time favourites for a reason….

Until next week…

x Allie