Have you ever looked back on your weekly groceries docket and wondered how you managed to spend so much on food? Most of us couldn’t dream of getting that grocery budget below $50 a week, let alone $10!

That is the challenge for Oaktree State Director, Jayme Ellis, who has vowed to go a week on under $2 of food per day in order to raise money to fight extreme poverty. Along with thousands of young Australians, Jayme will take part in Live Below the Line this May, giving up her everyday luxuries and living on $2 per day, a figure which marks the extreme poverty line – a reality for over 1.2 billion people.

However Jayme is no stranger to Live Below the Line (LBL). This will be the fifth year in a row that Jayme has taken the challenge, and she’s decided it’s time to step it up a notch. The daring 23-year old has also promised she will walk everywhere for transport during the LBL week if she reaches her fundraising goal of $1500.

Since growing up in Papua New Guinea, where she was introduced to the realities of extreme poverty, Jayme has been passionate about the cause. As Oaktree’s major fundraising campaign of the year, Jayme sees Live Below the Line as an adventurous and challenging way that people can take direct action towards ending extreme poverty.

“Not only do you raise funds for Oaktree’s overseas projects, but you actually take the challenge of living below the extreme poverty line. It’s just a reminder that we do have it really good and I think everyone in the world should have the same opportunities that we do in Australia,” she says.

The money raised through the Live Below the Line campaign will go directly to funding Oaktree’s community-based partner projects, which focus on building education in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste.

Since stepping into the role of State Director last year, Jayme has seen a growing number of enthusiastic young Queenslanders get involved with Oaktree, which is Australia’s largest youth-run organisation. A natural frontrunner, the Queensland state is currently leading the way as the highest fundraising state in the campaign. “Queensland is absolutely smashing it… our participants are so energised by this campaign and it’s really inspiring to be around them.”

With only a few days to go before starting the challenge on May 4, Jayme and other “LBLers” are writing shopping lists and trying to get their food budget under $10 for the week. According to Jayme, rice and lentils become staple foods and flavour is scarce. But what they sacrifice for the week they are sure to gain in experience, finishing the challenge with a new perspective on poverty and an appreciation for the little things we take for granted in everyday life.

To donate to Live Below the Line, visit the website.