Brisbane company Locako has launched its new healthy snack bars, with the main ingredient being collagen. Known for its facial filling and plumping properties, collagen is being touted as the latest health supplement for skin, joint and gut health, and Locako is one of the first to roll out the product in snack-form.

As one of the first Australian companies to put collagen into snack bars and coffee creamers, Locako owner Ally Mellor said the company was thrilled to be making collagen convenient and accessible to more Australians. “We’re used to hearing about people injecting collagen in their lips. But taking it as a supplement is a far more natural way to make the most of its skin and other health benefits,” Ally said. “While collagen supplements have been trickling onto the market for about a year, many people still don’t know how best to consume it for their health. We’ve made it easy and convenient by putting a few grams of high-quality grass-fed collagen into a snack bar.”

Healthy Life Naturopath Charlotte Williams said there were myriad reasons to take a daily dose of collagen. “As the most abundant naturally occurring protein in our bodies, collagen is an enabler for more youthful looking and plump skin, as well as healthy hair,” Charlotte said. “Collagen also promotes good joint and gut health. While our reserves of collagen decline as we age, the great news is that dietary collagen is resorbable, which means that collagen can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the body.”

The collagen snack bars and coffee creamers will be available at health food stores including Healthy Life who is among the first to back the collagen snack bars, stocking the product across its 45 stores, including five in Queensland. The snack bars and coffee creamers are also available in more than 120 retailers across Australia and via Locako’s website.

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