Local Brisbane business BioSolar has launched its new head office in Woolloongabba. The solar panel company designs, manufactures and installs solar energy systems in Brisbane and Queensland. Due to its high growth the company has moved into a spacious and newly refurbished complex. The Honorable Kevin Rudd MP was there to help open the brand new office and threw his support behind the green-energy company.

“What really matters is what the private firms do in their entrepreneurial response to new opportunities. Because not only is action on climate change necessary for the planet and future of the Australian ecosystem, it is also a great potential generator of new business. And that’s what this is,” said Mr. Rudd.

As other solar companies have been dying out after the withdrawal of government incentives and grants, in May 2012 BioSolar became one of the biggest providers of solar panels in Australia.

“What is really good about this story is that it is a success story at multiple levels. It’s a great story for the environment. It’s a great story about getting government policy settings right,” said Mr Rudd. “One of the things that I am most proud of in my period as prime minister was bringing in the mandatory renewable energy target to 20 per cent by 2020.”

Founder and Managing Director of BioSolar Leigh Storr started the company in 2010 with a team of only three staff members. The company now employs 120 jobs with high hopes for continued expansion.

“With electricity prices having increased over the last several years, and continuing to increase, that’s what we find is driving the decision for people to purchase solar,” said Storr, “the actual prospect of growth in this industry we see as second to none.”

“If you look at the global economy. In 2011, renewable energies received more capital investment than fossil fuels. And of that $257million that went into renewable energies, over 50 per cent of that went into solar. Making it the fastest growing recourse on the planet,” Mr Storr continued.

The company has installed over 3000 solar systems within a 50-kilometer radius of Brisbane.

“BioSolar is not slowing down. In fact, we plan to speed it up quite a bit. We’ve got a few exciting announcements and we are looking at growth into the future,” said Mr. Storr.

The new office for the company boasts a gym, yoga studio, cinema and living plant wall. It also hosts Brisbane’s first raw foods café Orawgi, offering healthy vegan treats. Visitors can take yoga classes at the wellness center and eat at the café.


Words and photos by Chelsea Heaney