He has it all, the fabulous hat, a sharp day suit and gold bling that could rival most of the hip hop world. He’s one-of-a-kind and leading the fashion way in West End, may I present, 81 year young and West End local, John Papadakis.

When I first approached John for a photo of his outfit, his initial response, “Have you already photographed me?” To which I replied no, but apparently he’s quite a hit with the locals and fashion lovers alike. When you notice the mammoth sized gold jewellery, you understand why.

I pressed him on what his favourite thing about fashion was, to which he presented his Alexander the Great ring.

“I wear the ring for Alexander the Great, he is the one who stood up to Persia, and if I don’t do it there’s no more smarter men who will. I wear all these things to honour my country and my Australian part.”

To John, patriotism and pride for his countries seem to be an integral part of his style and choice of jewellery. He grew up in Greece, lived for some time in Papua New Guinea before settling in Australia.

When I closely break down his outfit, his hat has a crocodile skin band, there is a gold Australian symbol pin on his suit jacket and among his rings on every finger there is his Alexander the Great ring (which I might add stands out the most), a large portrait of Alexander the Great in gold surrounded by small jewels.

“I love gold and I love three countries in the world the most, Greece, Papua New Guinea and Australia.”

John may be 81, but fashion and national pride still run deep and his style is individual, like him. It made me wonder, which came first – hip hop bling or John and his rings? He’s got 81 years of experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if a stylish few follow in John’s footsteps. I know I love hats and gold!

Until next week!