West Ender Scott Rogers has been announced as the winner of the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur (OQCE) logo design competition.

Entrants were asked to design a new logo for OQCE and Scott, an entrepreneur himself, designed the most desirable logo according to judges. Scott saw a post promoting the competition on Twitter and thought it would be a good challenge. “I’m closely involved with Queensland’s start-up ecosystem, so when I saw the competition I thought of it as a bit of an artistic and intellectual challenge.”

Scott has 35 years experience in the design and creative arts industry which helped him create the prize-winning design. He studied architecture at the University of Queensland and then spent several years working in architecture companies in Brisbane and London which led him to Berlin where he had the chance to work as a visual artist. He then completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Southern Cross University before spending time overseas in Japan teaching English and practising Aikido. Afterwards, he

studied his Masters of IT at the Queensland University of Technology where he went on to work in corporate software engineering and explored investing in property and tech start-ups.

Scott’s logo focuses on the letter E as he believed it was an important element to the entrepreneurial economy. “I designed a bold, simple logo and kept the letter E clearly visible because I personally think entrepreneurial activity should be at the centre of the Queensland economy.”

Scott created the design so that it was easy to scale to different sizes for different purposes. “I was very conscious that the design should be scalable. My original sketch was about the size of a postage stamp – it had to be so simple that a four-year old could draw it.”

Scott also received tickets to Creative3 – QUT’s internationally renowned innovation conference, and was placed on the world-first Venturer program. He says he is overwhelmed by the rewards reaped from the win, and is looking forward to the

Creative3 conference. “I’m excited about potentially getting to know some new start-ups and seeing what’s happening with some of the world’s creative game changers.”

He has even hit the gym, to better prepare himself for the Venturer program. “I didn’t expect winning would mean I’d have to go back to the gym! It’s a closely guarded secret as to what the adventure will actually involve so I’ve been training a bit to help myself prepare.”

Scott is hoping to learn many important skills on the world-first program and is ready to be pushed out of his comfort zone. “The Venturer program is about overcoming personal barriers. I hope to build resilience and skills in problem solving, resourcefulness, risk management, creative thinking and leadership.” The Venturer program will also give Scott exclusive access to work with The Best Job in the World winner Ben Southall.

Scott’s logo will be the new identity for OQCE’s independent brand and will be used across all communication channels from business cards through to social media.