This month,  Lonely Planet Kids releases 4 new books, featuring thousands of fun facts, 21 timeless tales, and many amazing animals.

Inquisitive, curious minds will find some questions answered in The Big World of Fun Facts. This book relates fascinating facts on a range of topics from countries all over the world. What nation is ruled by a dentist-turned-dictator? Where do villagers prepare elaborate banquets for monkeys?  It’s a wide and wild and wacky world out there, and this book offers children a taste of some of the spectacular things to be found out in it.

Travel through time and place with 21 wondrous stories from Oceania all the way to the Arctic in Myths & Legends of the World. These powerful, fascinating myths and legends will transport to every corner of the globe.  Journeying from ancient to modern times, from hot climates to freezing temperatures, and discovering different versions of how the world began. Boldly written and beautifully illustrated by Alli Brydon and Julia Iredale, this book features vibrant myths and epic legends told all around the world.

Animal Atlas, written by Anne Rooney and illustrate by Lucy Rose, contains enough amazing facts, fold-out maps, and life-size surprises to occupy readers for hours – this is a global safari in a book. Travel through continents and across oceans to meet the incredible animals that share our planet. Beautiful illustrations, dynamic photos, and fact-packed text reveal the lives, habitats, and behaviour of these amazing creatures, from blue whales to butterflies, pandas to penguins, and scorpions to sharks.

Wild in the City is a guide to urban animals around the world. Crammed with buildings, traffic, and people, urban spaces are some of the last places you’d expect to see wildlife. But author Kate Baker and illustrator Gianluca Foli introduce readers to all kinds of animals in the hidden corners of our towns and cities – from teeny ants living under pavement cracks to pick-pocketing monkeys and spotted hyenas being fed by locals.  From red foxes sneaking rides on London buses to leopards prowling the backstreets of Mumbai, this book explores the clever ways animals have adapted to the urban environment.