www.westendmagazine.comWhen a manuscript makes it from the slush pile to the shelves of every major Australian bookstore, you know that it is going to be good. Queensland mum Kylie Kaden’s Losing Kate surpasses expectations. Schoolies is meant to be a time for friends and fun. For Francesca (Frankie) Hudson it is a week that will haunt her. Frankie’s best friend, Kate, disappeared off a moonlit beach. Soon after Kate’s boyfriend Jack – the boy that Frankie loved – left town to escape the accusations being thrown at him. Frankie stayed behind, trying to carve a new life out for herself. 13 years later, watching the vacant block next door get auctioned off was meant to be an amusing way to spend an otherwise boring day. Frankie never imagined that Jack Shaw would be there, let alone be the winning bidder. Now the man who is instrumental in all of her best and worst memories is going to be living next door. The past that they both tried to put behind them is going to come crashing back, whether they want it to or not.

Words by Joelene Pynnonen