Big-hearted television personality and 4ZZZ host Bec Mac will head to Gaythorne as part of the Gaythorne Village Precinct Project on Saturday 25 August for the return of internationally celebrated public art performance LOVE TV.  

Through “performance conversations” Bec will deliver a fresh, bold, and engaging live art project by unearthing the local love stories that characterise Gaythorne. Plunging head-first into the public domain, LOVE TV creates work in places that have never been used, such as car parks, footpaths, and streets. It is a talk show with a punk-disco edge.

Playing Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, the enigmatic hostess will explore local stories, conducting conversations with nominated personalities as well as passers-by. She will co-host alongside Dr Love, the alter-ego of Quentin Ellison, Bec Mac’s co-host from 4ZZZ radio show Friday Neon. Interviewees will be provided with a public forum to express their most cherished tales of love and location – cracking open the heart of the Gaythorne neighbourhood.

LOVE TV has experienced diverse communities across the globe – from Australia and the United Kingdom to the boroughs of New York City. “Love is the most universal subject that can be used to explore diversity through the sharing of personal experience,” says Bec. The LOVE TV installation, a hot pink television–shaped mobile theatre, transforms itself into a space for intimate and spontaneous conversations about love, passion, and place.

Bec has won audiences over with her intimate conversations with high-profile artists and performers, including Li Cunxin and Patricia Piccinini. However, Bec says she takes particular delight in teasing out the extraordinary love stories experienced by everyday people. “For anyone who’s ever loved, I love to hear about it,” Bec says. “And, as Aphrodite, I find people are happy to share their love stories, which is such an honour for me to be part of.”

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