Creators of one of Australia’s lowest carb breads, The Protein Bread Company, has joined forces with low carb living experts Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen to create a new super brand, PBCo.

The Protein Bread Company co-founder Luke Hopkins announced the rebrand and exciting merger of the two brands on Wednesday 30 January. “We’re incredibly excited to announce that Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen will be joining PBCo to expand our range of low carb products,” said Luke. “The addition of an extended range of low carb cakes and treats will enhance the product offering we can provide to our audience.”

The Protein Bread Company was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurial siblings Anna and Luke Hopkins. Since its inception six years ago, it has gone from strength to strength, expanding its range and gaining significant market share. The company has helped hundreds of thousands of people around Australia, New Zealand, and The United States to become fitter, healthier and happier. “Our range of nutritionally superior products support healthy active lifestyles, like our Protein Pancakes enjoyed for breakfast by thousands of people every single day, to our new Low Carb Crumb, designed to bring a healthy enjoyment to your Friday nights with friends and family,” Luke said.

Anna Hopkins, the founder of Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen, announced the merger in an article published on their website, “we have made the decision to combine our two brands and become a one-stop shop, a low carb powerhouse that could achieve our big goal of inspiring 5M Aussies to be fitter, healthier and happier”.

Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen, founded in 2015 by Anna Hopkins to help people who simply wanted to cut out sugar and carbs and eat healthier versions of their favourite traditionally-unhealthy foods, has delighted tens of thousands of people with its incredibly delicious range of sugar-free, low carb cupcakes, pancakes, sugar-free icing, and more.

“We’re incredibly excited about what we’ve got in store for the next couple of years,” said Luke. “We’re creating a range of new, more convenient food solutions, working with a number of large Australian retail food providers to transform their product offerings, and investing heavily in new technology to create better delivery and food experiences.”

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