West End just got a little luckier. With a sister store in Fortitude Valley that operates out of a shipping container, Lucky Egg moved into the suburb in July.

Lucky Egg owner Jacob Knauth teamed up with Good Time Bar to bring the succulent menu to 4101’s neck of the woods. “West End is by far one of the best areas to eat in all of Brisbane. The choice to open a second Lucky Egg here just made sense,” said Knauth.

Knauth started his culinary apprenticeship in 2009, working with inspiring restaurants and chefs including Billykart Kitchen’s Ben O’Donoghue, but the formal structure of the venues was not a good fit for him. He was resolute that he did not need to be a chef to understand flavour, texture, balance and people’s needs. With the growing success of Lucky Egg, it is clear he was onto something.

Lucky Egg first spread its wings when Knauth came on board at The Brightside in the Valley, taking over a 10 foot container that served grilled cheese sandwiches to the hungry crowds. Despite his love of the sandwiches, they struggled to sell and he decided to shake things up – then fry them in hot oil. “I adore fried chicken, and it wasn’t until we were faced with the plan to rebrand the kitchen and gift it with its own identity that I fully admitted that,” said Knauth.

Lucky Egg was hatched and people flocked to the re-branded store, but Knauth still faced his share of challenges. For one, he was tasked with running a fully functioning restaurant out of a tiny, cooped-up container. “I realised that 15 minutes into opening the shop on day one that we were entirely screwed for space. It’s been a serious challenge over the last two years tweaking every little thing we do to improve workflow, cooking time, preparation, and getting the burgers and chicken out on time and on point,” said Knauth.

The new venue, located within the Good Time Bar on Boundary Street has none of the old space’s woes, opening up great opportunities for Lucky Egg. The menu has expanded with new items like kimchi cheese spring rolls, rice bowls and more. A number of one-time specials have also made their way onto the base menu beside the usual favourites of burgers, wings and sides. For Knauth, nothing can beat humble fried chicken pieces with a big serve of hot sauce and sides to share. “[It] is honestly the best cutlery free meal you can have,” he said.

The menu at Lucky Egg is curated for people that truly love fried chicken. Focusing on a singular food option has allowed Knauth to explore different methods, techniques and flavours from around the world and dish them up to Lucky Egg diners.

Lucky Egg has plans to spread the clucking good times to a stand-alone flagship store in the near future, says Knauth.

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