Remember Archie and Betty and Veronica? Well comics have certainly come a long way since then – kinda.

These days comics are more likely to come to readers via internet (in various guises). Two talented Brisbane folks, Sally Browne and Dan Gilmore, started LUV Comics as a webcomic. Their second volume (Let Me Make it Easy for You) is just about to hit the market at the Brisbane Alternative Expo.

LUV Comics takes romcom into the world of nerdy love, with zombies. Geek-love-The Rosie Project anyone?-is a particularly hot genre at the moment, and the zombie twist is genius. Hey, if Jane Austen can have them, anyone can. Each week Sally (journalist by day) and Dan (illustrator, web designer) collaborate on a strip; her scripts are on trend and funny while his black and white illustrations are line clean and cool. Each strip is accompanied by a little marginalia making the comic more personal and meaningful. Sally is not only inspired by life but also by observation–she admits to lurking in West End coffee shops.

When Sally and Dan have enough, they collate the strips and publish them for sale. Around the world. Yes, they’re that popular. And why not? Romcom is the bestselling genre, whether it be books, films, sitcoms or songs. We all love a little romance – it’s what makes us human. LUV Comic’s situations might be 21st Century cool, but they demonstrate that not much changes in the world of love.

Brisbane Alternative Expo is at the RNA Showgrounds on 20th December. Be warned their first volume (A Geek’s Guide to Girls) sold out at last year’s Supanova. So while the internet might be a good place for dissemination – you can’t colour-in comics online.

Words by Toni Johnson-Woods