‘Who would win in a fight between all gluten-free people versus everyone over-18 that still lives with their parents?’

Above is an example of the kind of questions thrown around at Majority Rules — useless, perhaps, yet thought-provoking and undeniably amusing.
Majority Rules is best described as an ‘anti-trivia’ game show, perfect for those with apprehensions about right or wrong answers. The concept was conjured up by ‘Quiz Meisters’ masterminds Steffan van Lint and Chase O’Connell. It’s a live polling programme that cheekily explores the morals and opinions of an audience using interactive technology.

The name of the game is to simply answer a series of silly and subjective questions via a smartphone app while the hosts explore and unravel the humourous reasoning behind the audience’s logic. Graphs then reveal the percentage of players who selected each answer.

In the end, the audience member who responded most similarly to the rest of the room is titled the ‘white sheep’, while the ‘black sheep’ is instead awarded to the most peculiarly answering individual. “There are a lot of people who strive to be different; who strive to be the black sheep,” Steffan claims.

“The interesting thing about Majority Rules is that if you’ve got a pretty diverse crowd, the wannabe black sheeps ending up winning a white sheep award, and vice versa. It purely depends on the demographic on the night, and actually takes a strange sort of skillset to ‘win’ it. You’ve got to understand how people think to win the white sheep award, especially,” explains Chase. “We even find psychologists often take that title. The black sheep award, on the other hand, singles out a lot of colourful characters.”

The two have intentionally strayed from pub-traditional trivia, insisting that after years of running Quiz Meisters, black and white answers have become a bore. It instead revolves around personal preference, the hosts all the while turning to the crowd for comments or opinions. “We now have regulars who return week after week — take Joey, for example, the six-foot-four gentle giant, who doesn’t mind a beer and steals the microphone all too often,” laughs Chase. “It’s great to see a huge amount of our audience are repeat offenders, often returning with bigger groups. I guess we’re doing something right.”

The questions — usually hilarious and always unpredictable — are shuffled and updated each week, as Chase and Steffan weave new segments in with the classics. “It’s a combination of fresh with familiarity,” says Chase. “Loosely organised, and as equally ‘loose’ on the night.”The interactive technology is currently in the hands of developers who are enhancing and improving the model. “I’m an old man on the inside, and Steffan’s an old man in reality, so to us, the technology is surprisingly complicated,” Chase jokes. “For now, it’s all still a little temperamental, but you can expect a whole lot more from us in 2017.”

The anti-trivia game show takes place at Saccharomyces Beer Garden in Fish Lane every Sunday night. “Sundays were initially pretty quiet until the boys brought Majority Rules here — it attracts 30 to 40 people every week,” exclaims Saccharomyces owner Simon Booy. “It’s very entertaining — the two of them bounce off each other like you wouldn’t believe. You’ll have to come and see it to believe it.”