Masterchef finalist, Audra Morrice, has released her second cookbook all about the power of bringing people together with food. Cook & Feast has a variety of easy to follow recipes from Asian to Western inspired. Morrice provides simple, practical principles in the organising and preparation of ingredients through to the cooking of dishes to make the processes in the kitchen stress free and enjoyable.

After giving up a successful 20 year career in communications, she wanted to reknit the threads that were unraveling inside her to work with food. She hoped by applying for Masterchef it would reignite for passion for all things food. Fast-forward six years, her connection to food and cultural practice that has informed Cook & Feast. Morrice was born in Singapore to a Chinese mother of Hock Chew descent, and to an Indian father. Thus, Cook & Feast is the product of someone growing up in a family of such cultural mix, an intersectional multicultural melting pot. Food has always been a big part of Audra’s life. This book therefore is a representation of the author herself.

Growing up, Audra’s family cooked every meal like a celebration. Feasts. Generous abundance. Plentiful and full of heart. Generational recipes passed down and preserved. Diversity, heritage, and culture, key ingredients on display on every plate of food, every plate a link back to lineage, history and past. Through food, we learn about culture, through culture we broaden our palettes and our minds. To cook and to feast is always an act cultural celebration. Community and connection.

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