Matt Hsu, is a Queensland Music Award nominated musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, academic and university tutor.

A one man orchestra, playing more than 20 instruments, Matt has been featured on SBS and TEDx and is returning with a new single and music video, following his convention-breaking debut release The Shirt Album.  His new single, Make Everything, celebrates creating things because you love to, a counterpoint to our modern cultural hunger for instant fame, gain and “buzz-iness”.

The single features lo-fi artist apadalia and the wearable art duo LOOPY! and has been described as an “ethereal voyage through the creative process”, and has an intricate layering of over 20 live instruments. Apadalia’s sound is a sort of dreamy lo-fi, adding a soft and “chilled out” tone to the piece.  Matt’s work has a consistent theme of diversity and this single is a cross-cultural collaboration and subtle exploration of Matt’s Taiwanese roots, featuring lyrics by LOOPY! in Hokkien which is a Taiwanese dialect.  LOOPY! also illustrated the art used for the single.

Matt Hsu’s composition is known for its organic sound, created with acoustic instruments that resonate through his daring creativity. The music video was a DIY effort, filmed by the collaborators with some creative direction from Matt, and showcases the creative process of each collaborator.  The video also features silhouette animation by Ashleigh Djokic. Matt’s new single Make Everything will be available for streaming on September 12, as a bonus track on The Shirt Album, Matt’s previous creative endeavour, which was an album released on organic fair-trade shirts.  Listen to the new single and view the film clip here.

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