Ben Levi is originally from the Gold Coast and moved here to West End with his wife and five kids. They chose the area “because of the vibrancy and lateral thinking, interesting people.”

Ben is a chiropractor and his wife is a full time mum (understandably!). Ben comes from a long line of medical professionals. His grandfather escaped Nazi Germany and became one of the first doctors treating patients on the Gold Coast in the 1930s. Ben’s father is a doctor and his mother is a physiotherapist.

Naturally, Ben felt that going into healthcare was almost predetermined, like a genetic thing. But instead of becoming the third medical doctor in the line, an extreme accident while playing Rugby would change Ben’s path for the foreseeable future. The accident caused major injuries to Ben’s shoulder and neck and after seeing other health professionals, Ben was frustrated that he didn’t seem to be healing. Then a friend recommended him to a chiropractor and he says he was amazed by the immediate change. Ben’s own healing convinced him that this was the path he would choose to heal others. He went to Queensland University and then finished his Masters of chiropractic in Sydney before returning here to West End.

He now practices at Health Points acupuncture clinic on Boundary street and at a studio called Bonfire, which combines yoga, massage as well as chiropractic to promote good health. Both clinics where Ben practices are multidisciplinary wellness centres which aim at offering natural, preventative healthcare as well as education. Ben says he likes being a part of preventative medicine and taking an alternative, proactive approach to health.

In line with the health education he offers his patients, Ben practices the healthy lifestyle he preaches and takes long runs in the early mornings and frequents the Kangaroo Point stairs for work outs.

When I asked Ben what he did in his free time he said “I’ve got five kids!” with happy, exasperated smile. Haha, fair enough. And the love keeps on coming because Ben and his wife are expecting…again! Wahoo! On his days off Ben likes to go to the park with his kids and steals one of their skateboards and skates in the park! Haha, cheeky dad.

At the end of the day, the point of good health is to enjoy the life it affords you and it seems like Ben hasn’t missed a beat! So if you’re into alternative medicine and you wanna see a hip, skateboarding Doc with a house exploding with kids, Ben’s your man. He’s got a lot of heart, and it’s probably even in his genes to heal you.

Amanda Kay