Miss Bliss Wholefood Kitchens is about to send Brisbane foodies into a shopping frenzy, with its new retail line Miss Bliss Treats due to officially launch at Indooroopilly’s Best of Brisbane Style and Design Market this month.

After an abundance of success running her Miss Bliss Cafe located in West End, nutritionist and food entrepreneur Jacqui Toumbas is taking a huge step and bringing her nutritious goodies to the world of retail. She says her ongoing passion for nutrition and helping others find good food options, as well as the success of her cafe, is what made her want to start the exciting line. “From a commercial perspective, I knew it was the right time to start a retail line when our ‘grab and go range’ became one of our most popular go-to choices for customers,” said Jacqui. “The growing rise in popularity for this offering was confirmation that customers are looking for food options they can enjoy anytime, anywhere. In coming months, I’m looking forward to seeing how this new line continues to spread the bliss and make good food choices readily available for all Australians.”

Jacqui believes that Miss Bliss Treats is a brand for the health conscious, food lover in everyone, which is why sourcing local and Australian ingredients is important to her. “I never want the quality of our products to be compromised, so everything is handmade in our East Brisbane commercial kitchen to the highest of standards,” she said. “Our bespoke style of cooking also focuses on using local and Australian made products wherever possible, which then allows us to be competitive in both commercial and boutique markets. The magic that the retail line brings, therefore, is its ability to reach a wider range of customers than just those who typically visit us at the café. On top of that, it brings bliss into our customers’ homes and everyday life.” By the end of the year, Miss Bliss aims to be delivering to Aussies across the country with this new retail range.

Miss Bliss is already a crowd favourite among many locals and now, nationally. “Only recently, we had strong interest from Melbourne, asking when they can get their hands on the new granola range as they haven’t been able to find anything quiet like it,” said Jacqui. “To me, this is a huge compliment and continues to remind us why we are in business – to provide healthy, nutritious food choices that actually taste and look good. The new range ultimately provides us with an opportunity to share the bliss beyond Brisbane while still staying true to who we are.” Miss Bliss treats its retail range like any item served at its cafe – all made in small batches with a high level of care and by only the best in the business, and it is strategies like these that have made the Miss Bliss reputation soar in the health food industry.

“We work exceptionally hard to create magical food at Miss Bliss – we don’t substitute nor cut corners when we make our products,” said Jacqui. “For example, our tropical granola is made with the most delicious dried pineapple and hemp cacao crunch granola, so it tastes just like a chocolate treat. If you have a taste of one of our products, the results speak for themselves, so pop into The Best of Brisbane Style and Design Market to enjoy our products we love so much!”

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