Mizu in Teneriffe has long been renowned for its consistently great Japanese cuisine. So I’m sure you can only imagine the extent of my excitement when I heard its sister restaurant had quietly slipped onto Hardgrave Road in West End.

And after months of waiting for the right evening and the right mix of company, I finally got there.

Another early Thursday evening dinner, but this time, when we arrive, at a little after 6, little Mizu (and the rest of Hardgrave Road) is already heaving with patrons. And it’s at this point I’d like to suggest that Hardgrave Road has the potential to be the next Boundary Street, I am so thrilled and impressed at how busy it is down here so early, and mid-week too – throw in a few more bars and we’ve got ourselves a party!

The interior at Mizu is simple, clean and modern – artwork complements, rather than overpowers – traditionally Japanese-themed without overdoing it.

The menu is simple but I truly admire anywhere that does simple food beautifully time and time and again and that is (added bonus) great value.

Tonight, we eat: Yasai Gyoza (one of my favourite things in the world, no exaggeration); Sashimi (but they also have plenty of non-raw options if you’re not a traditional lover of sushi au natural); chicken kara-age and chicken teriyaki.

And if I haven’t Mizu-lassoed your tastebuds yet, how about the allure of sushi cooking classes if you’re into doing dinner ‘hands-on.’ Classes are for 6 people maximum so they’re intimate enough to ensure you receive enough individual coaching to perfect the art that is, making sushi.

So whether you fancy a guaranteed great meal to share with friends, or getting in there yourself and testing your sushi skills, Mizu could be a great option – after all, it has a reputation for a reason, and honestly, it speaks for itself!


Happy Wednesday!